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Fix this glitch!

I was really excited about the addition of the koalas and was about to raise my rating to 5 stars but then actually lowered my rating because the game now keeps crashing every other level! I’ll beat a level and then the game freezes when it starts to load the next level. So I have to restart the app and then the game makes me restart the level and won’t even give me the coins I earned when I beat the level! So until the developers announce they fixed this glitch, there is absolutely no point in playing this game!

Level 252 on tickets

Ok I’m in love with this game but I have been stuck on level 252 on tickets for 3 weeks. I’m on level 541 on eggs and have completed all the animals until another level is unlocked. The ticket level is impossible to beat I have tried ever bomb there is and the pine cones and mushrooms will not drop and I have played this same level for 3 weeks. I hate to do it but I’m gonna have to delete the game. There comes a point especially after so long that it becomes more stressful then fun. I hate to delete it because I have come so far with my zoo😩.

Cute animals

Nice message of giving the animals more natural habitats. Easy, mundane fun.

They need to change some things

I really like the game but i have a few problems with it. Once you have been playing for awhile they will give you so many goals and barely any moves so the only way to beat it is to use one of the special object they have or pay 300 coins to get 5 more moves. Two when earn special objects for playing they put it on the side and have you process it to add to your inventory so why is it when you earn infinity lives for 30 mins or a hour that doesn’t need processed because most of the time i have to waste that because i earn it at inconvenient times. And third it takes 30 mins to get a life back but only maxes out at 5


Este juego es mi favorito me gustaría que le pongan más cosas para construir estoi en la parte de los cohala i no puedo construir más 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


I love the game, but when are the new levels going to be ready? You keep saying soon, but then it doesn’t happen. Last week you said they would be ready by the end of the week or the first of this week and it still hasn’t happened. I fear you are going to lose some loyal game players if the new updates aren’t ready ASAP. Players are getting tired of waiting and are moving on to other games. Respectfully, Mrs Terrie Kenoyer


I originally got this for my son and now I am playing it! A lot of fun but asking for money too much! The save in the panda coins I’m not fond of, I would rather get more rewards! Overall, definitely a fun game to download! My son likes it when I get a new animal and train them lol!

Family zoo

I love family zoo but the higher levels are much to hard. I am stuck on level 259 and and 247. Been stuck for weeks now. Makes me stop playing because it is to frustrating,, ,

More please

I think this game is challenging and fun; however, I may delete it because its producers don’t seem invested. I’ve run out of levels for exhibits and tasks, lvl 551 and lvl 576 respectively. They’ve added a loop of levels to play repeatedly, called “the ladder.” They are the same levels every 10 levels or so. I’m on rung 247 and bored. I assumed it was to keep users logging in until new levels are released, but it’s been weeks without them. They’ve also introduced a scoreboard for daily, weekly, and monthly challenges with rewards. It’d be fun to compete if I could play new levels, build new exhibits, and add more decorations to the zoo. Two other things that bother me and also make it seem like the producers aren’t invested: glitches and hints at content still unavailable. The app frequently crashes while completing levels to train animals to do tricks (one of the few side missions in the game) and occasionally the game doesn’t recognize there are no more available moves, leaving options to quit the game and start over or just close the app. There’s also a business section where you may invest in a food cart that generates coins daily. The food cart can only be upgraded to level 2 (20 coins in 24 hours). It’s a fun game, but it seems abandoned on the other end.

Rip off

Much too difficult. I play a bunch of games in this genre. (Gardenscapes. Homescapes. Matchington Manor). This one is unreasonable in how difficult it is. Level 167.... I have no clue what's even required to complete it. All I know is I've tried for over two weeks and finally just gave up. I just tried again, after having skipped over this game for a few days, but nothing changed. I hope this game disappears from the App Store. Total garbage. This company wouldn't know game balance if it smacked them in the face. They still have not fixed the smp error message when trying to contact support. Will inform iTunes that the company has made reaching support impossible.

Glitches drive me crazy

When I click to watch an ad to get gifts or extra lives the video plays but then afterward I get a white screen and cannot X out of the ad to return to the game. This means no gift or extra life since the only way to get the white screen to go away is to exit the game. Very frustrating! Also levels can be too hard to beat and once you do ...all your hard work could go towards just placing one boulder or some other silly item. UGH!

Family Zoo

Loved this game when I first started playing. Got my zoo built up and some animals. The darn levels are JUST TOO HARD. I HAVE BEEN ON THE SAME LEVELS FOR THREE WEEKS! Boring when it’s too hard to make advancements. You are also not hearing what people are saying......yes we KNOW all levels are beatable.......but after failing the same levels for weeks, IT IS NOT FUN ANYMORE!

Fun but there’s always a but....

I just recently downloaded this game and I have really enjoyed it but as I get further I am noticing that it is becoming more of a chore to earn tickets. I love that I get to build/decorate my own zoo but having to play four games in a row just to place/choose something as small as flowers seems silly. Maybe the developers could lower the cost of placing such small items with less tickets? I understand they have to make their money but I feel like I’m playing with little rewards. Otherwise, it is a good game and nice graphics and will not be deleting it any time soon. Cheers!

Family zoo

The game is soooooo fun. I really enjoy it

Love this game

I really like this game but you know the get a gift (watch a ad and get a free gift) it not working the little tv is there but the video is not appearing


Hi. I really love this game but really stuck on levels 189 rock and 195 tickets. Never gotten the 6 bombs I need or much help on level 189

Family Zoo

I like this game, but I am disappointed with the “watch for a prize”. I watch the video, and the screen goes white. No reward. I can’t continue playing. I’ve missed out on so much.

Mediocre matching game

I normally don’t do reviews, however since the app is asking about every 5 minutes I will in hope that it will stop popping up. I downloaded because I have been looking for an awesome zoo game. If that is what you are searching for, prepare to be disappointed. I have completed 60 levels now, and have unlocked 2 animals. 2 tigers, and a dolphin. The progress for the actual zoo is way to slow, and this reminds me a LOT of gardenscapes (do 1 level to upgrade this). It is YET ANOTHER boring matching game. Someone please create an AWEOME zoo game like zoo tycoon on PC


Is there going to be more added to the zoo? Or possibly opening another zoo in a different country or city setting? I think it’ll be cool & something more to look forward to in the game.

Fun Game!

The game is fun and keeps you wanting to to build more and more! Only problem is as the levels get harder and you don’t have Facebook friends that play the game it’s hard to get lives. Maybe add a way to earn more lives by watching adds for those that can’t get friends to join or give extra lives for achievements as well. That’s my only complaint so far. Other then that I’d give it 5 Stars...


Was enjoying this game But level 562 is nearly or should I say completely impossible If you don't want people to play anymore you have done a good job with this level Was a 5 star but now NOT SO MUCH

Thinking of deleting apt

But don’t spend your money like I did you can recoup it in wins.

Need more levels!!

I absolutely love this game! I’m on level 576 of the ticket levels, but a screen pops up and says there are no more levels. Please make more!

I’m hooked

It has it’s really challenging levels but also some kinda easy ones to. And when they added bonus games like the dog training rounds I fell in love all over again!!!!!!

New to gam

So far so good.

Love It 💕

Wish I could have more ways to receive free lives☺️☺️☺️

Pros and Cons

Before I get into it, I should say it’s a really addicting game. I got bored with candy crush, matchington mansion and Gardenscapes. However, this game keeps my attention. The pros are: it’s adorable art style, you can customize practically everything, the levels are kind of easy. Unfortunately there are a lot of cons. The cons are: in a LOT of the levels there are moving belts that move the pieces around. Like, you couldn’t come up with anything else, so you just put those moving belts in every level? It’s very repetitive and kind of annoying after a while 😒. Also, there are levels that are really hard and if you don’t have infinite lives or money to spend on rockets or oranges to help, you are stuck there waiting until you can play again. The lives take forever to regenerate, which is also kind of annoying. The missions are really annoying at times, as you need to add a LOT of things into the animal enclosures, which means more tickets and craft supplies. It’s redundant and unnecessary imo. It was about 10+ missions for ONE animal enclosure. That’s absolutely absurd!!! I get that they want to make the game longer, but it gets to a point where you just want to put the game down because it’s just a bunch of unnecessary grinding. 😡😡😡

How on earth!

Please explain to me how I am supposed to beat a level when you don’t give me nearly enough moves! I have spent so much time and actual money on this dang game that I’m getting really sick of it because every time I turn around I need more moves because you don’t give nearly enough for the level to begin with! Not to mention some of the levels are so hard that it takes days upon days to finish! I adore this game but I’m getting really sick of not having enough moves for 90% of the levels. I’m currently on level 215 for stones and 252 for tickets. Another thing that needs to change is the amount of tickets you get per level. On the super easy levels I can see getting one ticket or stone but on the really hard ones it would be nice if you got at least 2 or 3 tickets or stones. And the payout for coins is obnoxious. Only 22 coins on average per level...


Great game

Having a big problem!

I really do love this game. However, today it stopped working on the ticket games. I can still play for stones, but when I try the “ticket” play button, it will go to the screen but the puzzle will not drop down and load. I just get the background screen of green grass with no game. I’m on level 173. And my game is currently updated as of 2 days ago, according to the App Store. I’ve restarted my iPad in hopes that will fix the problem, but no luck. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Do you have any suggestion? As I need to collect tickets to finish “tasks”, to be able to open a new enclosure.

Fun game

I really enjoy it and love building the zoo but now I am on level 173 for tickets and it just goes to a grassy screen and won’t load the game board. I can play for stones just fine and training levels for the animals.

Lots of technical problems

While I do enjoy this game, every time I go to watch a video for a prize, I watch the video then get a black screen and have to end up closing the app and reopening it. Now, when I go to play for tickets, it loads then takes me to the game background but the actual game doesn’t show up. It’s really frustrating and I’m not sure what can be done to fix it. If I can’t play for tickets then I might as well just delete the app

Blank level stuck on

Won’t go past 192 I’m so frustrated is there something wrong


Every time I open my level 186 it doesn’t load. It’s been doing this for days and it’s very frustrating. Please fix. When fixed I’ll give a better review!

Some more marine animals please

I love your game and it is one that I have spent lots of time on this game (about as much as I do my two dragon village building game).I love the training you can do with the animals as well.But I would like you to add one thing and that is more marine animals.And the only two of those I really want and that would be narwhals and sharks.O their than that I love this game and enjoy all of it.But now I can't get past level 130 of the tickets because as soon as I start it it it glitches and the level won't start.But please fix that and I will give five stars

Love it

Great game, Great graphics

Great Game, Great Fun

Downloaded this to get gold in Narcos cartel wars. Now I can't remove it, or stop playing. Great job incorporating match game with a zoo building game. Love it!


I am on level 500 and something but I am not get the gifts from the bomb thing I was wondering why.


I wouldn’t let my kids play this because they would get very frustrated with some of these puzzles and Spending a lot of money on coins is ridiculous


I just downloaded it and I can't play it. Can you fix it?

Was loving this game however...

I was really enjoying playing Family Zoo, however it’s gotten to the point where I have been stuck on level 206 for tickets and 210 for rocks for several days and I am unable to pass the levels without having to pay a large sum of money. Is there anyway that, in the next update, you could please add a skip level button. After you try playing the level the skip level option pops up please. Could you also add more tickets and rocks to the level payments please.


I like the game so far, but how long does it take to finish level one? No indicators.

Good game

Love it


Wish lives were given faster than 35-30 minutes . Get tired of waiting for lives to be full.

Love this game!

I love it because the games aren’t so so hard that you need to buy coins and extra lives. It’s so fun and addicting! So glad I found a game that doesn’t make me feel like I need to buy something!


I have been playing this game quite awhile & have been frustrated sometimes but mostly enjoying it. I’ve had to quit for awhile when a puzzle seemed impossible to beat but later I return and keep trying. The animals and enclosures are beautiful and worth the effort.

I need more

I love this game but I’ve reach the point where I can’t go any further until there is another update. Please add more levels so I can finish my panda area and add more to my zoo!

Having a good

Time playing this game and watching tv very fun

Got to pay to play!!!

You can only get so far before you have to buy stuff in order to be successful. This game is officially deleted from my list of fun. NO you can’t!

More Levels Needed

Was playing the game on a daily basis, but have came to a halt due to levels being maxed out, endless levels okay but not fun unless we are able to build up rock and tickets so we can finish Panda enclosure and move on to whatever comes next. I now only go into app long enough to collect my daily rewards and exit because I’ve started losing interest...please update soon, would love to continue building zoo as there are so many other animals etc that could be rescued!

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