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Waiting for Updates

I like this game a lot. I am on level 451 and 438. I have not had to purchase any boosters to complete them but have spent a few days on one level. There is definite luck and some skill (chain reactions/combining bombs to take out whole rows) The one complaint I have is that 451 is the max and I already have enough materials to achieve the build outs of the updates. I was also bummed by the ice rink. Thought it might be a monkey zone with jungle gyms based on what was there to tease us. More updates and more frequent updates please! Thanks

The flowers are too difficult! I really liked this game...

Until I got to the flowers. It's a great game. Nice story line, pleasant "decorations", great animal graphics. But I don't think the developers took into account the frustration vs fun ratio. I'm only at level 305 or so, but already the frustration level may turn out to be too high. It's too bad, too, because, like I said, I really liked this game. Before that, my only complaint was the match-3 game pieces are too large. The size makes identifying grassy areas, etc. difficult.

Develops too slowly

Nice game, but I’ve completed 160 levels and only have two habitats complete. Need to decrease the amount of wins needed to accomplish tasks. At this pace I should complete the zoo sometime in the next 50 years.

Fun but expensive

Hate that this game may be fun, about to delete it because they don’t give enough time to finish a round fairly and force you to buy coins to finish. There should better rewards when you finish a round. And bigger watch an ad rewards!

Not impressed

Game play is too ridiculously hard and you need to give better rewards so people can play more. Is this just a way to make people pay to play. If so then game will be deleted . Game is more frustrating than fun.

Family zoo

Love this game, but some levels take forever to beat

Family zoo

This is a cute game but I bought two packs for 4.99$ which I did not receive, otherwise fun game!!!!!

Fun but Frustrating-Not enough play moves

This is a good game. This can be a awesome game if the levels aren’t so hard to achieve. This is worst than candy crush; I can say that it would be nice if I can get the first two theme parks together before the hard levels of matching items are given; just to earn one ticket or one stone. I feel that if I need two to three tickets for a fence or any other items; I feel you should give either more tickets or more moves as high as 50 moves to one play especially with the mushrooms and sticks plays. Please consider upgrading your game and give more tickets or stone once a win is done; I mean ticket or stone for a hard level is ridiculous, especially when you have to get mushrooms and sticks out the way first. Also, when the instructions go on showing you how to use something new to use in the next game level, it should replace it free. When showing me how to use the rake, she took it and did not replace it so I can use it later. I really do want to see the end of this game, but please make some kind of changes. I am on level 41 for tickets and 17 for stones. I have notice that I have not gotten a response to my review. I have tried to complete level 17 for stones, but I am unable to because you have to clear sticks and planks just to get 4 mushrooms. So, instead of complaining, I am just letting your game go. I quit. Thank you for your effort, this game is more of a money drainer than just having fun.

Can’t win unless you buy coins

I really hate when games get so hard it forces you to buy coins, lives, power-ups to continue. I lose all interest and move on to a game I can actually enjoy without spending my money to keep playing.

Cannot Open

I am updating my review, I love a challenge but level 154 on ticket level is ridiculous, I have played for over three weeks with no luck, I have not even close to getting it. I am on the panther level that is extremely difficult and have been on the level for several days but now I am unable to openthe game all I get is a blank screen. I enjoy the game.


I enjoy the game when it comes up. It takes entirely too long to load. Very disappointing

Fun Game

Just a great game

Super fun

Addictive, it’s fun to see how far u can get


As a level 1200 plus candy crush player, I’m afraid my time with this game is at an end. Can’t get past the panther level cuz this is ridiculously difficult. You’ve lost my time and money.

Fun at first!

I was really enjoying this game. Now I’m up to levels that are over 160 for both parts. I know the levels are supposed to get harder as you get higher but I’m tired of spending weeks on ONE level and then you get to fix a third of the waterfall with 3 tickets. It’s BS. Uninstalling and finding another game to play that’s more rewarding.

Fun until you can’t get any further

This game could definitely be a lot more fun if they didn’t make the levels so hard to beat. Stuck on level 25 for days now and only have one animal moved in. Can’t see getting any further and will probably delete soon. It shouldn’t be so hard so fast. FYI, there no way my 4 year old would be able to play this game bc of how hard it is.

Thumbs up

Slow moving but fun

Love it

Love it


A wonderful game, fun and exciting

Love it! But....

I seriously am addicted to this game!! But.. I cannot seem to get pass level 14 at all!!! I have no idea how to collect the mushrooms? How do I collect mushrooms? Besides that, I totally recommend this game for any age!

One problem

Love the game but it has one problem, levels are way too hard, I can’t beat them easily enough and can get stuck on one for weeks, u did really good though so I’m going to give you 3 stars🐅🐆🦓🦏🐘🦒🦍🐊 And I saw the other person’s complaint and I’ve already beat that level 😝

Boo!!! 😡

Why the heck do these darn games have to become so difficult. Tired of games that just want money! Found a better renovation game called, Matchington Mansion!

It’s okay

This game has potential but my issue with it is, when I start playing the match game It has no sound. I don’t hear the bombs or the matches. But when I place no items for the zoo I hear noise. I hate playing match games with no noise.

Cool but......

I think this game is really cool and fun but I feel like as the levels get harder when you beat it you really don’t get many coins for it or rocks and tickets for all the work it took to do it. I know you want people to buy coins and such but why would I want to if I have to do so much and get so little in return.



Not a bad game...

Like the idea of 2 different levels to work with. Every now and then I still get kicked out. But not like before. Otherwise good game.

Not as good as I had hoped

As a very avid player of this game’s sister, ‘Family Yards’, I had really wanted this game to be good. And, well, it is in some ways. The story is much more interesting but the levels are just too hard. Some of them really are left up to chance of the game but it’s too unlucky. I have been stuck on level 172 for ages and I must have played it over a hundred times already. If they could just make the games not so difficult, this game would be awesome.

Not enough moves to game

Like the game but very frustrating for the kids because not enough moves for them to be able to complete mission and advance. They spend days on same puzzle and then get so frustrated they no longer wish to play.


Sound does not work after new update!!

So cute!

I love it but it gets hard really fast

Basically a cleaning game

I’m on level 17 and have no animals yet. It takes way too long to get started and I’m losing interest.

Fun game ads need to be monitored

I enjoy the game, however you can watch ads to get coins and in game items but I have had three extremely inappropriate ads considering this is called “family” zoo. Also, the amount of coins you get for completing the puzzles needs to be increased.

Game crashed, lost tickets, customer support doesn't respond back

I finally beat a tough level and got the third ticket I needed to complete the tiger sculpture (which is pretty ridiculous that it needed like 9/10 tickets to complete). As I go to complete the statue the game crashes, leaving me ticket-less and needing to start all over with the final stage of completing the statue-beyond angry at that point. I emailed customer support twice and no response of course. It's already ridiculous needing 9 tickets just to put 3 flower bushes in the jaguar enclosure. You could at least message back someone who has spent their money on boosts to help with the levels. I'll be deleting since you don't have an issue taking my money, but when your game crashes I'm not important enough to even get a response.

Family zoo

Fun so far if I can keep it going!


I’ve maxed out the levels and am waiting for the new animals. Also, if your first move on a level is to match a flower, it doesn’t work. You don’t get credit for the match.

Hating the flowers

I have played this game a lot and have spent some money when I probably shouldn’t have. I echo many of the previous reviews that it takes too long to build up enough stones and tickets to only have to waste them on flower beds. I downloaded the game because I like to build things (towns, etc) and really liked the concept of the zoo. But I’m just about to delete it as I want to decide what to spend the tickets, on to move forward.

Lots of fun but give us more!

This a lot of fun! I’ve enjoyed this game and have had a blast building my zoo. Yes, a couple of those puzzles had me stuck for a few days but they can be beat. The only down side is I’ve gotten all the animals and locations I can and I’m wanting more! Very excited (and impatient!) for more animals and locations.

Love the game!

I love the game, but when I close out of the game, to do something else, and I come back it doesn't correctly load, and it loads up maybe 5/10 times.

Rip off

First off, this game is a copy of the style games like Gardenscapes, Homescapes and Matchington Mansion. The main difference is they don't allot nearly the moves necessary to complete the puzzles. I am only on level 12 and so far have exhausted over 30 lives. That's a bit ridiculous so early on...and I play these games all the time. I know what's fair and what's not. Having this much difficulty so early is a big red flag that it's not balanced at all. Too many blocks with bamboo. Too many green squares. And I believe the bombs are not destroying the correct neighboring squares properly. I'm still trying it, hoping this level 12 is an anomaly and maybe later levels make more sense, but if I can't pass level 12 I'll never know. (And if Planarium thinks I'm going to pay real money to pass a level as low as 12 they are CRAZY). I tried to message support in-game but it requires some smpt password, or something like that. Nothing like making it hard to get some help. This game is destined for a fast fail.

waiting for new levels

finished all the levels and halloween special long time ago!!!! when will the new levels coming out


This game is fun. The thing is it says new levels will be able soon. It’s been two weeks.

Recent glitches

I enjoy playing this game a lot. My only complaints about the game is the requirements to win so many levels to start building things! It can take me weeks just to accomplish one thing! However, recently my game has been having trouble loading. It just shows a black screen and never loads. I have to delete the app and then reinstall it. Hopefully, a new update will be coming soon so this problem stops happening.


•To start the animals are so cute •it’s not very hard to beat the levels •fun and addicting I would recommend this app to any animal lover and non animal lovers I still recommend it for u

Getting upset!

I loved playing this but I have to wait for an upgrade that says its coming soon but it’s been over a month so I’m not sure what their definition of soon means to them. Very upset!!!

OK but

Game is generally OK. Not too far in yet, but haven’t run into any major problems. Don’t like the prissy Zookeeper. Would be nice if they gave you some options at the beginning. It’s a little hard to work the levels because the fruits are so big that you can’t see any patterns, just big splashes of color . I like to the cute idea of building a zoo.



Family zoo

This game is disappointing the puzzle are unpassable this is for money not animals or kids to help animals try solving the puzzles your self

Deleted the second day.

The concept looked fun. But I agree with most reviews on here and after only2 days the game became a chore instead of fun to play, with very little payback. You don't get much in return. The games don't give you hardly any coins and one ticket. So it can take days to advance anything on here. After reading reviews about how frustrating it is at the higher levels I didn't even want to take the time anymore, and there's no way I'm spending money on this. Very disappointed.

Too hard😡😡😡

I got the game, and I loved it! It was so fun, but around 3 hours later, I'm completely stuck. Can you guys make the levels easier? Because I am not buying lives or power ups just to beat a level. You know what else is ridiculous? How long it takes to get a life. 30 minutes, are you kidding!!! All I'm saying is, I know the levels are beatable, but it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to get past it.

Was okay

I've played so many games like this. This one HAD potential, until the app stopped working completely about a week ago. Now I don't know whether I should just delete it and move on or wait it out. Also, if you do fix it- you should make things a little more lax. It shouldn't take 6 levels to place some trees or a bush.

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