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Graphics are low quality

It seems like it could be fun but it’s hard to get over the low budget graphics. I love the idea of the game. Wish they would update it.


So far so good

So far so good!!

I really love the match 3 games that actually led to something.. if you like Gardenscapes or Homescapes you’ll definitely like this game!!

When will there be new quests?

I have reached a point that it is saying I have reached the end of the quest. How do I continue? Please help.

Erased my progress.

It was all fun until I beat levels but then it froze & erased my progress.

Kinda frustrating.

Takes a really long time to complete tasks and build up a decent zoo. Been playing a couple weeks and only have 2 animal types. Hate that woman's face when you don't complete the puzzle.

Good Fun

This is a very fun game! I enjoy seeing what can be added to the zoo. I have a great time playing this enjoyable game!

Great play & fun but only for a little bit

I love these types of games however this new concept of money grabbing games and making them to where you have to spend money just to pass certain levels is ridiculous. The ratio is way off in this game some levels you only get 15 coins for most levels are only 20 - 30 coins and it takes 300 coins for only 5 extra moves so you have to beat at least 10 levels to get 300 coins and that is if you get 30 coins per puzzle passed which you don't. The ratio needs to to be upped in this game big time. Also there isn't a chance for an extra bonus hardly maybe every once in a great while it makes the game very very very very slow moving and starts becoming boring. I have already deleted gardenscapes & homescapes for these reasons because they are the same way money grabbers and could care less if the players stay or not this one is about to go has well. The concept is great just need bigger better rewards and more chances at and for extras to help you out in the games. Coin ratio needs upped in a big way. Like I said great concept just needs tweaked. I can't stand staying in one spot for weeks on game nor getting minimum rewards for making it through a puzzle and then it taking 2, 3, 7 stones or tickets to make any zoo progress at all and only getting 1 stone or ticket per game really! Has players we deserve better than that if you want us to keep playing this game make a change please ! ASAP

Not so fun!

Too hard to get thru the levels! Not enjoyable! Need to make it a bit more user friendly! Less than a star rating!

Great game but....

I'm sure it's a great game but i haven't played it yet xD 🍍💕👑

Not what it seems

I wanted to play a zoo type game. This is pretty much some form of Candy Crush, not a zoo game. Not at all what I was looking for. Very disappointing.

What Happened?

Very fun game but it keeps crashing. When I try to go back and play I can't get past the title of the game and the screen goes blank!? Please fix asap



Family Zoo

Great game

I love this game!

I love the game, it’s fun but I wish there were more animals to collect. Like - Elephants - Camels - Apes(Gorillas, Chimps, Orangutans) - Antelope(Kudu, Bongo, Gazelle) - Big Cats(Leopard, Jaguar, Cheetah, Snow Leopard) - Hippos - Kangaroos - Koalas - Tasmanian Devils - Dingos - Okapis - Red Pandas - Giant Pandas - Hyenas - Crocodiles and Alligators Would love a new update with some or all of these. Thanks :) 🐘🦏🦍🐪🐅🐃🐆🐊🐋🦈

Don’t waste your time!

Too many tasks...spent over two hours playing one matching game after another and still no tiger...the very first animal in the zoo. I don’t have that much time to waste to do the one thing I want to a zoo. Don’t waste your time!!!!

Good Game.

They need to reward us with more coins when we pass level.. 20-50 coins ? Really? And everything else is super expensive!

Why can’t I level?!

I like the game other than the fact that the levels are ridiculously hard and I feel like this is on purpose so you can get more money from people buying power ups and stuff in frustration after being stuck on the same level for days. It’s a good way to make people stop playing very quickly for sure. I would love this game if it weren’t so ridiculous. The only way to play is to spend ridiculous amount of money to beat the ridiculously hard levels. I’m usually amazing at games like this but it’s hard to be good and beat the level when it shuffles after every move....


Deleted the app. Tired of spending 2 days on one puzzle

Good game

Love it..

Pretty good, but needs more work

My first suggestion to fix this game is to add a villain. A story isn't a good story without an antagonist in it. Second, make more people come visit the zoo. My zoo is empty, and its sad. What's the point of having a zoo if no one comes to see it? Thirdly, my app is still crashing after leaving it 5-6 times and makes me delete it and start from my last download, which is ANNOYING! Lastly, after the fur seal quests are made and released, I think the next area should be a jungle area, with jaguars, gorillas, and tropical birds or elephants to fit in with the other herbivores. Either that, or a swamp area, with crocodiles, alligators, and caimans or some swamp bird species like flamingos.


Can’t wait for lons

Was excited with the idea but not the game itself

It is very frustrating to have to play the same scene over and over and come up short. I think the game is very stingy on the number of moves allowed to complete the task. I am of the opinion that you should be able to win without having to purchase additional helping items. Since I don’t seem to be able to move forward and accomplish anything after several days of frustration, I must delete this game and play something that is fun.

Unplayable levels

Fun, but there is a lot of different puzzle options that all require the same lives. The puzzle basically require you to use the power ups which is ridiculous. 30 mins for one life is unfair. Level 153 for the building stuff is almost unplayable, with only matches appearing on the top and constant shuffling. It’s terrible game design. Tutorial is obnoxious. The lady takes forever to move to the area your working on.

I Don't Like It

I was intrigued by the idea of playing match three levels to build a zoo, but in reality, the game is more frustrating then fun. The work to reward ratio is way too high. I'm at the point where I have to pass FIVE more levels to take the next step in building my zoo. Games are supposed to be fun, not work.

Lots of fun

Quite addicting!

Cute and fun

Great game to just relax and decompress.


Far too few moves available for what they ask. "Provide 38 of this object, and break 27 boxes. Here are 8 move to do it!!?!" For one star. And each filler task demands 3 stars...You want Exotic animals? First let's complete 9 rigged puzzles to place enough grass blades to earn a call to get them. Unlesss of course you sell your car and give us your $$$$ to make any progress in this "game".


This game is cute and fun!



Love the game

So addicted to this game I can't get enough


I enjoy this game, but need to earn more gold.

Will not load

I was having so much fun with this game,until it stopped loading. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing sometimes it opens goes to the page Playwear, and then it goes grey. Really frustrated at this point!!!!!!

Not an app to keep

This game is fun for the first 4 rounds but quickly becomes too hard to even have fun and enjoy the game. Never even got to an animal.


I am really enjoying this game, have just started but will continue for a long time.

Family Zoo

I really enjoy playing this game. The only thing I have a problem with is, when you have 5lives you don’t get good moves, when you are down to your last life or next to the last life, you get really great moves and then you beat that level. It takes 15 to 20 lives to beat 1 puzzle. I would prefer to be able to play the game for an hour or so b4 I lost all 5 lives. It would be a great game if you could play for an hour or so b4 you lose all of your lives.


Great time passing game


If you get stuck it gets so annoying and I hate the lives it's like you get 5 tries and your done come back tomorrow to get five more tries it's an endless loop and gets REALLY annoying really fast this is my second day playing it's already annoying


A little glitchy but good overall.

Fun game but greedy developers

Just like every other game you barely get any points for beating the level and it takes you like 10 levels to build up in the coins to buy more lives and half of the levels have to be used with the booster to beat it. Plus the amount needed just to build things and the animals gets ridiculous. Nine rocks to get the baby animal!!!!


Well that was a fun game while it lasted. I’m at that point in the game where it is no longer fun to play. I’ve been stuck on ticket level 58 and rock level 53 for days now. I get the system is random, but when you’ve been trying to pass the levels for nearly a week and still can’t because of the randomized placement of stuff, you get bored and it becomes a chore to play, not fun. It’s almost forcing you to put money in to move to the next level, but that’s something I won’t do anymore. Update: Response to Developer: I understand that all levels are beatable, the issue is that you can spend days or weeks on levels because they are randomized without anyway to skip them after so many attempts. You should add a skip level after the tenth plus time someone’s spent on a level, or perhaps after a certain amount of time spent in the level. Otherwise you get stuck for days like I have been and you get people wanting to walk away from the game.

Like Homescapes

I find they pretty much copied everything like Homescapes is set up but what I don’t like about this game is it’s annoying music like ugh so irritating. They couldn’t pick something more enjoyable

Great game!

:) love this game

Takes too long

Takes too long to get anything done and there are not even close to enough lives

Cute concept Poor Play

The idea is the animals...but the play is too difficult for the amount of moves given. If it doesn't get better this game will be in the delete box.


I can't rate this game because it won't even open up for me. It starts uploading to about 40-60% and gets stuck every time. Pretty disappointed.


I like playing this game . It is a very fun game


Good and cute





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