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Make it better

Loved the game, but it keeps freezing. Very disappointing.


I enjoy the game I spend a lot of money on this guy, however it tells you your payment was a success however, the packages doesn’t down load and you end up paying iTunes collects and doesn’t have any way to contact them. I emailed plarium LLC I have never received my money back or the downloads or an email back. It’s got to be a reason this happens

Great Game

I absolutely love this game, only thing I would change is the amount of coins we get per level. Other than that it’s great. When will we be getting more levels?? I hit the max on tickets and can’t finish the elephants now. I’m stuck on level 676 until the next update 😢😢

Fun puzzle game

I enjoy playing and have for a while. Actually took a star off because you changed Leo’s appearance, making him creepy looking. You also made Mrs Florence much younger in appearance. Haven’t seen the new Jack yet and I assume you changed his appearance too. Disappointing. They didn’t need to be revamped. :(

Love the game!! But it needs more levels

I’ve been playing the game for awhile now the last update gave a few more levels but not enough to even finish the new quests!!! Please do another update with even more levels!!

Fun game

I play a lot and have gotten to ticket level 676 which just happens to be the last level you can get too so far..... but I’m stuck bc the game goes on where you need tickets for continue but can’t bc there’s no more levels.

No Option to Reset Data???

Good game and all but I think it’s upsetting that there is no option to reset your data, I download this app and realized I had played it before. I thought it was going to start a new story but it saved the process from last game when it was installed, Dissatisfied. If there is a feature please let me know.

Cute game

It’s cute and a good time waster. Needs more levels.


Really fun and cute game, but now I NEVER get my unlimited play prizes after earning boxes or daily sign ins. I get the reward chest giving me 30 min 45 min or an hour of not losing lives, but then I still lose lives. One time I had 23 min of free play left and then it jumped and said I only had 3 lives??? So frustrating to see the reward and then it doesn’t happen! Also I’ve noticed a lot times that when fruits fall after a move, there’s a row of 4 of 5, but it only counts as a row of 3. Don’t get any bombs or anything. Other 2 fruits just drop down. I switched to this game over candy crush but I’m getting so frustrated with all the glitches!

Hey 👋🏾

Ohhh okay thank you appreciate the response

Some more marine animals please

I love your game and it is one that I have spent lots of time on this game (about as much as I do my two dragon village building game).I love the training you can do with the animals as well.But I would like you to add one thing and that is more marine animals.And the only two of those I really want and that would be narwhals and sharks.Also I would like for you to add elephants soon to.But now I can't get past level 130 of the tickets because as soon as I start it it it glitches and the level won't start.But please fix that and I will give five stars I understand it takes a lot of work trying to update games and have lots of respect for all of the people behind this game thank you all for the great game

Game crashing

Anyone else’s game crash while watching the video for boosters? Mine has, off and on, for couple days.


When are you sending out the new update ?


Often the levels with balloons don’t generate enough balloons to make it even possible to win. Please fix.

Family zoo

This game is lots of fun and challenging!

Keeps freezing

I love this game but every time I win level 615 it freezes completely. I bought coins in order to finish that level and when I re downloaded the game I hadn’t won the level but my coins were all gone.


This game makes me very mad. It’s bull crap how you get so many moves but gotta do so much stuff. Then run out of lives. And then you pay to get back to the game and then bam you just wasted your money. And then you got to play them games just to do something. That’s bull crap aswell. If you fix this to where you can do some things without having to play them games it’ll be okay. But still when you have to play them games and not have so many moves it’d be great. Thanks.

Family zoo

Love the game


I love this game so much. I play it all the time. I actually finished everything I can do in the game and currently waiting for the update. :)

Fun, but too many tickets for boring things

I enjoy this game and renovating the zoo, but my complaint is the same as with other games of this type - too many tickets for building silly things like trees and shrubs. 6 tickets for shrubs and another 6 tickets for trees. Really? If it was not for that, I would have given this game 5 stars. So far the levels are challenging but are doable, although sometimes you have to use boosters or use extra turns. Let’s get on with building the zoo and getting animals instead of wasting so much time on trees and shrubs.

I love this game.

I love it but I think in the next update you should make it where when you have unlimited hearts for a certain amount of time you should make it pause when your not on the app. It’s very late where I am and I have to go to bed and I have to waste like 20 minutes of time.


I love this game However with the last update I keep getting which is where I complete a level and then it freezes and goes back The previous level. I’ve lost six boosts due to this and I’m not happy.

Keeps freezing on me!

It’s happened 3 times in the last 20 minutes! I will finish a level and then it freezes. Every time it freezes I completed the level using a booster and you can bet that’s gone. The game remembers that. Super frustrating.

Family zoo

My rating is 2.5 not 3 stars .I have enjoyed playing the game, however you game has bugs that haven’t been fixed, your tournament has frozen and can’t be played or viewed. This has happened in the past several times. and when purchasing coins the game accepts the charge but fails to deliver the coins. I reported it by email and it still hasn’t been fixed. I haven’t heard back about the problem with charging for coins and not giving the coin to the game. Because of this I can’t participate in the special offers. And the tournament play is still frozen it won’t let me in. It does show my points but won’t place me or give me my bonus awards for placing

Good for a lazy day

This would be a great game if only there was a button that asks if you really wanted to spend the coins. So many times I have accidentally hit that button when I did not want to as it take a very long time to collect enough coins to gather 300 coins to continue.

No more levels?

I can handle the aggravating challenge of not beating a level for a day without paying, but no more levels? Really. So not cool.


Had to start over because of new phone. Anyway to get old game back

Used to be awesome. Now I'm stuck.

I've loved this game til lately. I should have come on before and left a 5 star review. Recently though I cannot upgrade my enclosures. I got to level 413 and I have 5 of the 'materials' and no way to spend them on new stuff or animals. I contacted support and they weren't able to help my issue. Please help!

Family Zoo

I only gave a 3 rating because there is not a way to continue the game. Once you use the our stars (?), there is no way to get more time. You play the game then have to wait for 30 minuets to continue the game. I’m addicted to this game

Good game. Slow though

Good game. Slow though.


I like to play for awhile before I review a game because things always change... this developer, sadly, did not disappoint on that front. I was really enjoying it and then things started changing. In some levels, they were so challenging that you would have to play over and over for days until you got lucky or you had to pay for items to help get through it. I don’t mind a challenge but I don’t enjoy being robbed either. Then I noticed a reduction in coins earned per level. I was averaging about 34-38 and now it’s 24-28. If that wasn’t bad enough.... with this last update (which sounded like they were adding more animals, but didn’t), they now stop any bombs or anything left in the grid from detonating at the end. I’m absolutely disgusted because this will mean even less coins earned. 😡

Need new levels

Have really enjoyed playing but there have been no new levels for a while so I’m kind of bummed.

Someone finally got it right

I’ve played many of these sorts of game. Most of the time it’s the same deal, play for a while, then the levels get to be impossible without spending a bunch of cash. This game is not that way. I have beaten everything there is to beat in it as of right now. I have spent money on this game but not because I felt like I had to in order to progress. I wanted to reward the developers for making an honest game that requires skill, not a bunch of money. I hope they add more animals as they update, like elephants, for example. Very fun, addictive and rewarding game. Extremely well done, and worth every second to download and play. Bravo!

No new levels

Have updated to 1.4.0 and don’t have any new levels or ostriches

Rock To Do

Normally really enjoy this game; however, I am a little upset right now because on the new update I think y’all deleted the To Do section for the rock points. Now I have all these rocks I’ve got but I’m not able to use them, and there’s no more levels for tickets for daily To Do list.


Mine is stuck on a bonus game with a cat wagging it’s tail. Time to delete it.


Updated to 1.4.0 But still no new levels. What’s up?

Family Zoo: The Story

I would have rated it higher but the game is glitchy. Also somethings in the game play don’t make sense like why does the round end if a balloon makes it off the playing field? It’s like being cheated out of your allotted moves and serves no purpose except to make you spend money. It makes it unpleasant to play.

Totally love this game

I love this game play it all the time but now all I’m doing is saving tickets and construction stuff and WAITING ON MORE LEVELS TO BE ADDED !!! Please please thank you !! June 28th More levels please maxed out and getting bored July 25 2018 new update said had new levels but when I updated app no new levels !!!

Family zoo

Hola soy una gran aficiónada con este juego aún tengo 1 mes esperando la actualización hoy lo actualize pero no me dieron mas mundos ya construí en los avestruces mui bellos pero necesito más mundos ase tiempo que termine de los avestruces necesito más aún que sea 100 niveles más para la próxima actualización pues me encanta este juego 😃 asi i mui buenos regalos 🎁 son mi útiles gracias

Elephants! Please!

Love it. Play it daily. Is there going to be an update with elephants? Or reptiles? How about apes? Much preferred over a skating rink. A Swan lake would be cool.


Love the game but I have tasks to complete and I have no more levels to continue when are new levels going to be available?


Wow! Just got this game a couple days ago and I’m totally hooked! The game runs very well — smooth gameplay and very engaging story and fun levels! Love this game!


Actualicen el juego. Ya he pasado todos los niveles y me aburre tener que esperar a que añadan nuevos.


Oh my god me and my mom are both addicted to this game. On the first day I got it I opened the tigers and the dolphins. Gives you a lot to do so you don’t have to worry about finishing the game any time soon. 🐬🐅❤️

Not sure why

First off I like the game but I don’t understand why you took away the daily bonuses and why I am not getting the bonus off my stand I will not spend money on this and if this is the way you guys are going to get then I will delete it

Everyone get it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This game is super fun I love it and the challenges are achievable. This game is great for using your brain and I would say the best like it I would rate it 100 out of 100 if I could. Thx for the cool game! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Somethings missing?

Well i just feel like there’s one more piece for the game.....AHA! We need the most popular living animal today.....THE ELEPHANT! So on some updates can you add the elephant?

This game steals

I love to play this game. Me and my daughters play together to build our zoo. The matching games can be challenging but are fun. It is so tempting to buy those special packages to help you get through the boards. Resist! Do not do it. I purchased a sale or promotional package for $1.99 and my card was billed 10.98. As I looked back, this has happened more than one time. I reported it in the game and got no response.


This looks like it will be a fun game, but it keeps kicking me out and I can not even get pass the intro part of the game. Really disappointed to the point deleted the game.

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